Timber Creek™ Smoking Tray

Experience Grilling Like Never Before!

Great For Chicken, Steak, Pork, Fish & Vegetables

Perfect For Outdoor Gas & Charcoal Grills

Real Mesquite Wood Inside

Timber Creek™ Advantages:

Hamburger with ChipsThere are several advantages to the Timber Creek™ Smoking Tray, but the biggest one is convenience - the convenience to enjoy your time grilling instead of worrying about the hassles of cooking.

We do this by taking several steps down to a few. The Timber Creek™ Smoking Tray is specially designed to deliver that delicious smoke flavor without the hassle.

The secret is the real mesquite wood pellets, designed to smoke beautifully without the need for preparation. It's as easy as lighting your grill, placing your food on the tray, cooking and enjoying!

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