Timber Creek™ Smoking Tray

Experience Grilling Like Never Before!

Great For Chicken, Steak, Pork, Fish & Vegetables

Perfect For Outdoor Gas & Charcoal Grills

Real Mesquite Wood Inside

The Timber Creek™ Story:

grilled steakChris is a griller's griller. He enjoys everything about grilling - except the work that it takes to smoke his food. Soaking wood chips, trying to wrap them in foil and then dealing with flare-ups took some of the enjoyment away for Chris. He didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a smokehouse, or even a special smoking appliance, but he knew the answer had to lie somewhere.

After some trial and error, Chris developed an easy, inexpensive method of achieving that full smoke flavor without the expensive equipment or hours of preparation.

And that's how the Timber Creek™ Smoking Tray was born. An average person, just like you, that knew there had to be an easier way to enjoy smoked foods found the solution - and now we are passing that solution on to you.

Make your best, the best.

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